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E-Gift Cards

Unwrap the Perfect Gift: Experience Bliss with Our E-Gift Cards

Introducing our captivating e-gift cards, offering recipients the delightful opportunity to select their own unparalleled massage treatment experience. Indulge in the choice of a Deep Tissue Massage, a captivating Thai massage infused with luxurious oils, or even a rejuvenating Facial treatment. Alternatively, explore our exquisite collection of Supa Herbology products, featuring remarkable selections such as the Detox Massage Oil or the alluring Lavender & Rose Geranium Whipped Shea Butter.

The prices displayed are in GBP, ensuring a seamless payment process for you. Your credit card will be charged the corresponding amount in your local currency. Please be aware that any variance in the billed amount is subject to the daily exchange rate and any commission applied by your banking institution.

Making a reservation is effortless. Simply instruct the recipient to send an email to, providing their unique code along with their preferred treatment and desired time. Please note that appointment availability is subject to current scheduling.

Kindly note that this remarkable e-gift card is non-refundable and holds a validity period of three months from the date of purchase, allowing ample time to relish and embrace the ultimate wellness experience.